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    Retired Medical Doctor, Musician and Philanthropist

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    Dr. George Valentine Freundlich is a retired medical doctor, musician and philanthropist from Ontario.


    In addition to running his busy private practice, Dr. Freundlich was honoured with the prestigious Council Award by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2008 (Equivalent to Canadian Physician of the Year)


    Native to Romania, Dr. Freundlich arrived in Canada in 1985. Prior to arriving, he received his BA in Fine Arts with a specialization in classical music, violin, piano and trombone, mastering three different instruments.


    In 1989, he officially received Canadian Citizenship, and shortly after, at the age of 33, he became Newfoundland’s youngest Senior Medical Officer while working at A.M.Guy Memorial Hospital, the highest qualification for a physician in Newfoundland. Dr. Freundlich successfully completed the medical evaluating exams for foreign graduates at The Medical Council of Canada in Montreal in French.


    A career musician, he is a retired member of the award winning Timmins Symphony Orchestra (trombone) and continues to play with the Timmins All Star Big Band (trombone and saxophone). In 2005, George received an Award of Appreciation for 10 years of dedicated and valuable contribution to the orchestra.


    In 1973, while still in Romania, he was a member of the Romanian Youth Orchestra where he represented the nation during the prestigious inaugural of the International Festival of Youth Orchestras in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 2003, he led the Canadian Youth Orchestra to Aberdeen for their 30th anniversary and was honoured as a red carpet guest.


    After completing his music degree, George turned his focus to the field of medicine, graduating from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj, Romania in 1982 with a perfect 10. He then completed a rotating internship and then began his residency in thoracic surgery prior to defecting to Canada.


    A highly dedicated philanthropist, Dr. George Freundlich regularly makes donations to local and international charities, food banks, local museums, the Society of MS and Orchestras Canada. He is a fellow and benefactor of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and writes reviews about many of their performances. For his work, George has been awarded with the highly prestigious award “The International Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Cultural Ambassador” by the Government of Romania and Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Freundlich is also a valued member of the The Fellowship of Christians and Jews.


    Through generous donations, he has sponsored cultural events and the printing of best seller (sports) books in his native Romania (Nadia, Ar fi fost Prea Frumos, Zile si nopti Pe Stadion and Paleta si Planeta.)


    An avid world traveller, Dr. George Freundlich has visited over 100 countries and frequently presented medical papers. He has travelled to all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

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